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We have thirty taps and feature a variety of styles with local and regional guest taps. Stylings include Classic German favorites, IPAs, bourbon barrel aged stouts, and everything in between. Among seasonal and absurd beers, we have a few that you can almost always find on tap. They are our core beers.

Downtown Spartanbrown

Downtown Spartanbrown

English Brown Ale 5.7%  57 IBU

Our signature Northern English Brown Ale. A dry and nutty ale with wisps of noble hops. Kolby's favorite yeast gives this brown it's unique, almost fall-like flavors. Cheers!


Hefeweizen 5.2%  13 IBU

A nod to the oldest brewery in the world, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan and their fantastic line up of beers. We have made this beer with just the basics: Wheat and Barley, one Noble Hop, Water and Yeast. Any flavors you taste will come from our single celled friends who get loved and carefully cared for throughout the whole process. 

Bury Quay

Amber Ale 7.4% 26 IBU

Our beers are always influenced not only by what we love, but who we are. An American Amber Ale that is a chip off of our Baron Kelvin of Largs. Drinkable, refreshing with just the right amount of it's Irish roots still intact...enjoy.

One Eyed Pterodactyl

American IPA 7% 53 IBU

An 18 month process of writing and rewriting. Test batches that never graced anyone's lips and the decision to jump. A 2.0 version with a slight tweak in the grain bill makes this very simple IPA fly...Caw Caw. 

Mozza Roasters Coffee Double

Milk Stout 7.9% 34 IBU

Our friends at Mozza Coffee Roasters have graciously taught us that coffee "...ain't just coffee." Jon Ives has hand crafted a medium roast coffee just for us to make this double milk stout not your dad's coffee stout. 

Session Pale Ale

Session Pale Ale 5.2% 36 IBU

Our sessions are named after the hops that make them unique.

Yellow Helicopter = Amarillo + Chinook

Centennial Waterfall = Centennial + Cascade 

Mosaic Simcoe = Mosaic + Simcoe

Well, you got it.....

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