Cindy the Ciclops

Co-Owner, Matriarch,

The best employee we have ever had to fire by cake. She's a mom of two, an incredible school teacher, and the strongest woman we know. Ciclops gets its name from Cindy. Don't look at her directly... she is self-conscious of her glass eye. 


Kolby G

Late Owner, Legacy Brewer,

Kolby Garrison is the very reason we are here today, brewing in Spartanburg. It is from his legacy that we will continue the vision of Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery for many years to come. Raise a glass for Kolby!  We miss you dearly.

& Best Employee Ever

Machete Juggler 


Darin Burket

Darin was spending so much time here he decided to find a way to get paid for it. So... he brews, he cleans, he pours, and he still finds time to grace a bar seat and drink a few. That is dedication to a craft.

Head Brewer, Damn Yankee,


Jill Edwards

Married a Damn Yankee 

A Spartanburg native and Wofford graduate, Jill wears many hats, including this one. 

She also enjoys her role as semi-official

taste-tester for Ciclops' latest creations.

She welcomes your feedback and ideas!

Holden McGinnis

Pub Manager, Jack-of-all-Trades,

A Gaffney native, Holden did his food learnin' at Johnson & Wales, Charlotte. He loves to scare coworkers and will periodically yell "Tequila!" for no reason.  Ask him to talk Gaffney for you!

Retired "Film" Star


Co-owner, Director of Operations,


Lilith & Creepy Baby

Ciclops' Longest Tenured Employees & Mascots

You'll see a lot of absurdity when visiting the brewery, and we aren't just talking about our Mug Club members. Creepy Baby & Lilith are senior members of our staff. Let them show you around the next time you visit the brewery!